The Star Councils of Light: 21.01.13

Dear children of the universe,
We are with you. We, of the Star Councils of Light, are always with you. You do not always hear us, or recognise our presence, for your daily lives often block our voices, but we are here.

We watch over you, and we are pleased with progress. The people of the Earth are awakening quickly. Yes, there is still much of the old ways remaining, but even these are weakening, crumbling at their foundations as new thoughts, new desires and a new ways of being are born within each and every one of you.

Every day another heart, another mind, opens. Another pair of eyes learns to see, ears to hear. The process is underway. The momentum is building, and it cannot be stopped. In this, rejoice, for it means that you can no longer return to how it was. It is not possible, for progress, or evolution, once begun can never go back.

Allow peace to fill your hearts, dearest ones, for peace is your new way of being. Allow love to fill your hearts, for love is your new way of being. Allow joy to fill your hearts, for joy too is your new way of being.

Allow yourselves to recognise your divine essence, the greatness of you. A greatness that comes from your heart and soul. A greatness that heals, that soothes, that builds. A greatness that creates miracles and in which these miracles become commonplace. Do not see yourselves as ‘mere’ humans, for as humans you are never mere. You are the beings who have the courage to change, to transform. See this within yourselves, as we see it in you. Value it, as we value you.

Look to your future with light and happy hearts, open your minds to embrace all it comes to teach. Open your arms to welcome those who greet you from afar, for we are with you always.

We speak in love


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  1. Thank you for being there 🙂 it is so wonderful and amazing , i am so happy !!!!! 🙂 lov and peace always !!! xo

  2. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site?
    My blog is in the exact same niche as yours and my
    users would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this ok with you. Thanks!

    • Hi, I have no problem at all with you quoting some of my blog articles, if you credit the source and link it to my site/blog. We are all in this together and sharing is the name of the game. I really appreciate you wishing to do this. x

  3. Do you mind if I quote a several of your articles or blog posts as long
    as I provide credit and sources back to your website: http://starspeak.
    I’m going to aslo ensure to give you the proper anchor-text hyperlink using your blog title: The Star Councils of Light: 21.01.13 | starspeak. Please make sure to let me know if this is acceptable with you. Thanks!

    • Hi, yes of course I would be happy for you to quote any of my blog posts, providing credit/source is given. The web address is either the or

  4. Thank you for sharing the messages from the star beings of light x

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